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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Goodbye HHH Metrodome

Game 163 Cheap Seats!

And so another exciting season ends. Damned Yankees! But we did not lay down for the Yankees. We made them look not so mighty. Both teams had good plays, amazing plays and a few stinkers. I think we let our nerves get the best of us. Expected I guess when you have a young team playing the Yankees.

Thank you Twins for another amazing season. I went to my first last dome game with a week left in the season. Of course I had a blast and said my goodbyes to the dome. And then Sunday drew closer... All it took was a call from a friend asking if we shouldn't get tickets for the last dome game. Thanks to a scalper we were there. Another exciting game! I screamed my voice out. And with the win came another dilemma. Tuesday? Yup, again went to a scalper on craigslist. But when I didn't hear back on where to meet by Tuesday morning and he didn't return my calls by Tuesday afternoon, I got nervous. Rightfully so. The son-of-a-bitch sold them out from under me. But he didn't let me know until 2pm, when game time was 4pm. I was livid, and sad. Luckily I quickly scanned craigslist again and there was another set of cheapseats for the same price. I called and told her my story. We met by the dome and she told me there were 20 calls after mine, all offering more. But since she knew my story she told them no. What an amazing person. So my lesson for you all is do NOT buy tickets that matter off of Craigslist unless you can meet them right away to secure them. It is too easy for them to sell them to the next caller at a higher price. Lesson learned!

I know I might have lost readers since I did not write much this year. I will be back next year. A fresh start. This year was hard in that we have gone through many personal problems. It has been hard to justify the time to watch the games, let alone analyze and write about them and the players. We have struggled and the struggle isn't over, it is maybe just starting. But I have loved watching the Twins this year, even if I haven't been telling you about it. It has helped cheer me up when I have been depressed, gotten me out of the house when it has been hard to leave the safety of my home, and let me attend a few of the best games I have ever attended. When the stress was too much, turning on a game (I had to DVR most of them) at midnight and watching it would help relax me. I even would feel even more blue on the days there were no games. I will sorely miss it over the next few months. Yes, I am way too addicted.

The naysayers are spouting off again about how we never stood a chance, we don't get quality players and that, in general, we suck. Took them a whole 5 minutes to reload the muck throwers, and change out of their fair weather fan garb. But I am pleased that despite everything that was stacked against us, we made it to the playoffs and stood up to the powerhouse Yankees. We may have lost all three games, but we held our own.

Way to go Twins! I am proud of all of you!

Can't wait for next year and outdoor baseball!

Goodbye HHH Metrodome for fourth and last time!