Let's talk Twins! If you love the game as a newbie, or a encyclopedic book of knowledge, please share your opinion or a story of interest. (Email me if you are shy!) I am writing to learn more about the game. Come learn with me, or feel free to share your knowledge.

Go Twins!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

For my book club...

If you're going to read, then you get to participate! (My blog... my rules!)

The team needs some positive vibes right now to get back on track so let's start with an easy one. What is the best moment you had at a Twins game? Or for Helen... cutest butt award goes to???

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Once again...

Last year was a very rough year for me and it has continued into this year. Good intentions of building and bettering the site never came to fruition. I missed the entire spring training. I did not listen or watch one game.

It is funny how one moment can bring back the enthusiasm. I had a funny one, not one you would expect to rev me up. I was watching a game and sort of into it, but not really. Then Kubel (my all-time fav for those who don't know) struck out looking. I wasn't upset at him, I have always felt baseball is only exciting because it isn't perfect. But I WAS suddenly launched back into the game again. I started wondering about his current stats. I wanted to get on the PC and research.

The bug is back. I hope this time it is back enough to push me to make some of the changes that I have thought of to the site. I have some fun ideas, it's just needing motivation to make it happen. Bear with me, and feel free to send me suggestions. If you like or hate anything here, please let me know. I like feedback.

Go Twins!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back... again?

Yeah, this has been an odd year for me. Trying to deal with personal issues has put too many things on the back burner, including my favorite past-time. I looked around and realized the season is almost over. I have watched most of the games, but I have watched them while doing other things. Honestly, I have missed more than I have wanted.

So I am back for the rest of the season. Are you ready for more Kubel-love???

Friday, April 30, 2010

Social media encouraging conformity?

Okay, so the lack of self-confidence keeps me from blogging often. I end up in this what do I know, or what do I have to offer anyone zone that just shuts me down. My purpose is to learn while doing this, but the media itself implies I am informing. At cross purposes and being overwhelmed with life, it has been easier to just read bloggers. Which brings up another blogger mind block - if you read a lot of blogs - how to sound original and not accidentally end up plagiarizing someone. Messy business, this blogging.

I have added another layer by twittering. Well, honestly again, I read more than I tweet. Embarrassed by my lack of a "life" I haven't really told anyone I tweet. Just a few good friends. Again, I do it more to learn. I am following maybe 30 Twins bloggers.

After tweeting for a while now I have noticed a semi-disturbing trend. Tweeters start to self monitor their tweets because of the feedback. Maybe some of it is deserved. One guy I love to read is FanaticJack. He lives up to his name. He can get very negative in his statements, but it is just him and his emotions coming through expressing his frustrations. Fine. Read him if you like, if you don't, then the simple answer is don't follow him. Maybe a week ago he stated that he was no longer posting negative comments in Twitter because he got too much crap for it. I believe he has lived up to his word. Personally, I think it is a shame. While his comments were usually over the top negative, he made some good points buried under the harsh words. I usually learned something. In my opinion, on the other side is Seth Stohs. He points out negatives, but is much more like me in that he is more of a rah-rah guy who sees that this is a long season and is hesitant to judge a player based on one or two plays/games/series. He will, however, still point out negatives. He commented the other day that he had lost a few followers and someone said it was because he was too negative. Huh??? Wow, if they thought he was too negative, they have issues. Then I read his blog and there was a comment in there that he is too positive. It is interesting to see how one comment can be interpreted in so many ways.

What's my point? In this age of instant communication we have changed some of how we communicate. Emotions typed on twitter are the raw immediate emotions, the curse words that come out of your mouth while watching the game, but in the after game analysis may have been completely forgotten or at least unspoken. Watch Punto and he will make three horrible plays for every absolutely amazing you-are-so-redeemed-child type of plays. If you tweet each play, he is going to look like a clown. It isn't the individual events that make up the game of baseball or judge any player, coach or manager. It is the game in entirety, maybe even the season. If bloggers/tweeters want to call a horrible play a horrible play, or a horrible performance a horrible performance, and do it under the emotions of the moment, they should do so. Readers need to take it in and realize that these are no longer well thought out articles that have been read by several people before being deemed politically correct before being posted. The new social media means you get raw unedited emotions. Read them if you like them, but leave the posters alone if you don't.

Go Twins!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Congrats Twins!!!

The Twins have won the first five series of the season! The most consecutive opening series' they have won in team history is three. So we have not only broken the team record - we have shattered it!
Way to go Twins!

Just a few of the many pictures I took at the stadium. More to come later!

The wonderful Minne Paul logo sign. I have to admit I was unimpressed when I heard about it and saw it on tv. It is an amazing sight, especially at night! Against the skyline it is beautiful.

More Kubel fans! Okay - not taking my shirt off for him (at least not in public) and especially when it is as chilly as it was that night. Loving the Kubel-love!

I thought this made a cool picture. It is from the outside looking up. The louvred wall and cool lights, paired with the limestone were a striking combination.

I know - you have seen this one million times, but the first time you walk up the plaza, the sight of it takes your breath away!

Friday, April 23, 2010

First Target Field game!!

I was very excited to actually make it to a game at Target Field! What a game! Saw Liriano pitch a wonderful game, Delmon made a few excellent catches, Cuddy got a homerun so I got to see Minne and Paul shake hands, and enjoy the beauty and splendor the our new magnificent home!

I take it all back... I am thrilled that they did not leave the design open for adding a roof. There is nothing like walking around in the open air concourse, seeing the sky all around you, that makes you thankful that there are not pillars built in to accommodate future retractable roof plans. Yes, there will rainy/snowy days when I will be whining that I wish there were a roof. Yes, there will be days when I whine about the cold. Yes, there will be days when I whine about the heat. I whine by nature. Heck, I was freezing at the game. But, there were places to go up to the concourse and stand under some warming lights if cold. If it is raining, again there appears to be plenty of room on the concourse to get out of the weather. And unlike TCF, you can bring in umbrellas.

So honestly, my ONLY serious complaint is that on their site they claim to have gluten-free and vegetarian food choices. I now need a gluten-free diet. If you know anything about GF you know that it is VERY hard to find foods you can eat. So I excitedly (is that a word) went to Customer Service to find out which vendors had gluten-free offerings. My answer was Caribou coffee, a beer, and the Farmers Market (fruit and veggie stand). So in other words - nothing. I was pretty disappointed. Now - it just may be that as the stadium gets going and the vendor get established they will communicate more offerings. But in the meantime, I welcome being able to bring in my own food.

Curious what you can bring into the stadium with you? I was surprised to find you can bring in food, unopened water bottles, empty refillable water bottles (although my friend did have a hard time finding a drinking fountain to fill hers), and umbrellas. I assumed they were all no-nos. Wonderful move by TF. The whole event feels so much "homier" than it ever did at the dome. The dome was like going to an institiutional event, Target Field is going to a huge tailgate party.

Bring a camera. The sights are amazing! And walking into the stadium for the first time - all I can say is WOW!!! You will walk in a stop in your tracks and stare open-mouthed.

Go Twins!!!