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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

All arbitration eligible players signed

All eight arbitration eligible players have signed deals.
  • Crain - 1 year $2mil
  • Pavano - 1 year $7mil
  • Liriano - 1 year $1.6mil
  • Guerrier - 1 year $3.15mil
  • Neshek - 1 year $625K
  • Young - 1 year $2.6mil
  • Hardy -1 year $5.1mil
  • Harris - 2 year $3.2mil
Welcome back for another year, guys!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Gonna miss Redmond

Mike Redmond has signed a one year deal with the Indians. No details have yet been released. While nobody is surprised about the signing, I personally am gonna miss him on the team. Maybe not for his amazing abilities, but more for being one of those all around great guys that help make a team cohesive. His antics in the locker room are well known and publisized. Players often discuss his leadership. He seems like one of those rare genuine men who are really just little boys who LOVE the game and never grew up. It couldn't have been easy being back up to Mauer and seeing so few games. Anyone who plays sports knows that shaking off the rust after a long time on the bench is really hard. But he always came out and gave it his all with a huge smile on his face. I really hope that he comes back to Minnesota as part of the coaching staff in a few years. I wish him well!