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Go Twins!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Curse avoided?

So the David Ortiz Red Sox jersey buried in the concrete of the Yankees stadium during construction sold on ebay for a cool $175,100, with the proceeds going to charity. So had the jersey remained, who believes that the Yankees would have actually been cursed?

I find the whole thing both humerous and disturbing. It is slightly amusing that the worker believed it would curse the team, and maybe more amusing that the Yankees believed in it enough to spend the time and money to dig it out of the two feet of concrete. What if they started digging and couldn't find it, or if there really had never been a jersey buried there, and the whole thing was just an urban legend? I would be curious to know how they knew where to dig. How much time and money were they willing to spend to try to find it?

Then I have to pause and think - how would I have felt had it been at the dome? Hard to answer - part of me would want it gone... just in case. The other part would be disturbed that we would pay for the removal when we don't put enough into salaries.

Maybe that was the problem at the dome... a worked dropped a quarter in the cement, and we were forever cursed to pinch pennies? Just kidding.

Make it a fantastic day!

Glad I missed it!

Missed the game today, and I guess that may have been a good thing. I love Liriano, but have thought that his return seemed rushed. Just a feeling, since I am too new to know the ins and outs of a return from Tommy John. I was just surprised that his stint in AAA was so short lived. I want him back, don't get me wrong. I loved to watch the guy. And I think he will be productive again soon, but should he have stayed down for a few more games? Only time will tell. Today's 35 pitches in 29 minutes for six runs, five hits and three walks. Not a great 2/3 inning. Everyone has their bad days. Here's to hoping that this was just a bad day!

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Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm back...

With tax season coming to a close, my women's team practicing more to get ready to play in a cancer tourney next weekend, being sick, and now watching the Wild, and kids activities going crazy, there hasn't been enough time to spend on reading and writing as I would like. Tax season is done Tuesday, hockey will be done for the season after the tourney, etc. so my time will open up.

While I haven't been writing, I have been watching and listening to the games and reading about questions as they come up.

I have to admit, I am more excited about potential than I thought I would be. I am the person who will find something positive to focus on no matter how much the team actually sucks. But this time, it is an honest belief that they can do some fun stuff.

So has anyone noticed my two players are doing some fun things? Both are on the leader boards. Patting myself on the back just a tiny bit.

Gonna go and watch the Wild for a while since the Twins aren't on tonight. But I will also be on the PC and watching the game on Gameday. Then off to hockey practice...

Be talking to you more after the 15th.