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Go Twins!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Once again...

Last year was a very rough year for me and it has continued into this year. Good intentions of building and bettering the site never came to fruition. I missed the entire spring training. I did not listen or watch one game.

It is funny how one moment can bring back the enthusiasm. I had a funny one, not one you would expect to rev me up. I was watching a game and sort of into it, but not really. Then Kubel (my all-time fav for those who don't know) struck out looking. I wasn't upset at him, I have always felt baseball is only exciting because it isn't perfect. But I WAS suddenly launched back into the game again. I started wondering about his current stats. I wanted to get on the PC and research.

The bug is back. I hope this time it is back enough to push me to make some of the changes that I have thought of to the site. I have some fun ideas, it's just needing motivation to make it happen. Bear with me, and feel free to send me suggestions. If you like or hate anything here, please let me know. I like feedback.

Go Twins!!!

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HB said...

You got it goin' on, Serious Twins Girl!! Love the blog...you rock!!