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Go Twins!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

First Target Field game!!

I was very excited to actually make it to a game at Target Field! What a game! Saw Liriano pitch a wonderful game, Delmon made a few excellent catches, Cuddy got a homerun so I got to see Minne and Paul shake hands, and enjoy the beauty and splendor the our new magnificent home!

I take it all back... I am thrilled that they did not leave the design open for adding a roof. There is nothing like walking around in the open air concourse, seeing the sky all around you, that makes you thankful that there are not pillars built in to accommodate future retractable roof plans. Yes, there will rainy/snowy days when I will be whining that I wish there were a roof. Yes, there will be days when I whine about the cold. Yes, there will be days when I whine about the heat. I whine by nature. Heck, I was freezing at the game. But, there were places to go up to the concourse and stand under some warming lights if cold. If it is raining, again there appears to be plenty of room on the concourse to get out of the weather. And unlike TCF, you can bring in umbrellas.

So honestly, my ONLY serious complaint is that on their site they claim to have gluten-free and vegetarian food choices. I now need a gluten-free diet. If you know anything about GF you know that it is VERY hard to find foods you can eat. So I excitedly (is that a word) went to Customer Service to find out which vendors had gluten-free offerings. My answer was Caribou coffee, a beer, and the Farmers Market (fruit and veggie stand). So in other words - nothing. I was pretty disappointed. Now - it just may be that as the stadium gets going and the vendor get established they will communicate more offerings. But in the meantime, I welcome being able to bring in my own food.

Curious what you can bring into the stadium with you? I was surprised to find you can bring in food, unopened water bottles, empty refillable water bottles (although my friend did have a hard time finding a drinking fountain to fill hers), and umbrellas. I assumed they were all no-nos. Wonderful move by TF. The whole event feels so much "homier" than it ever did at the dome. The dome was like going to an institiutional event, Target Field is going to a huge tailgate party.

Bring a camera. The sights are amazing! And walking into the stadium for the first time - all I can say is WOW!!! You will walk in a stop in your tracks and stare open-mouthed.

Go Twins!!!

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